Friday, May 2, 2014

Wassup with the waterfowl?

Back in the day, when I was living and working and loving life in California, I was in a Theatre West Storybook Production of "The Ugly Duckling" (2006).  We opened the show, ran a couple of Saturdays, and then Mommy died, and I had to go to Florida for all of the hullabaloo that is associated with the death of a loved one.  I helped my understudy nail the part, and when I returned, I got to see her perform it.  ENNYHOO, one of the cast members had given us each these little "Breast Cancer Awareness" ducks as Opening Night gifts.  There are two little metal sensors on the underside, that when you touch them with your fingertip, the little duck lights up in a variety of fun colors, for about a minute.

Yesterday, we were moving lots of stuff around, getting organized for the flea market weekend extravaganza, and we discovered this duck.
Doing THIS, for no reason.  (This video was actually shot moments ago, and the duck's been doing this all night.)
This morning, Stephen watched and listened as two GI-NOR-MOUS geese were honking at each other in our back "yard."  Wassup with the waterfowl?


  1. Looks like you may have a short in your duck. This is goose season, doncha know?

    1. We're rural but not pondy or lakey or anything like an appropriate goose environment. I was mostly struck by the coinkydink.


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