Thursday, May 15, 2014

No news is good news?

Lately I've been hankerin' to write a poem or two for ya... or video blog, like the kids are doin' these days.  So I've created a short vlog that I think I attached here, but I don't see it in this space.  I've tried twice now, and I may give it one more attempt today, but I really dunno what's going on with it.

In other "news," I've decided that using the 1" guard on my electric trimmers has so many more benefits than I had originally thought:

  • super-easy to cut all the hair the same length without a mirror, even!
  • great head massage while it's happening (for as long as you wanna run it)
  • for the entertainment industry, this is definitely a "look" that will get me hired for more background work, particularly if they want ... lesbians - (hey, work is work, and who am I to fight the stereotyping of the background?)
  • it will easily lay flat for a more "sophisticated" or "professional" look as well
  • once it grows out a little, it'll do THIS with just a toweling out of the shower (no product!):

Tomorrow, an update on the sunburn saga.  Today there's rain and gloom and a mohawk.

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