Thursday, May 8, 2014

Let It Go

... is such a beautiful feeling.

We're selling; we're packing; we're job-hunting and apartment-hunting; we're resolving "credit" issues we used to have; we're making plans to GET HOME.  Every week that passes brings another milestone or five.  Every milestone is built of "hurdle-sized" rocks that we can't just stroll along beside, rather we must "overcome."

Some milestone hurdles must be discussed to the nth degree to determine the best way to overcome.  Some must be brought to the foreground, looked at, and then released to the gears and the stars and God and Fortune and whatnot.

Have overcome several milestones this week (in fact, just now resolved a big one).  Now, all that's left to be done long-distance is securing housing.  Easy peasy.  I am so blessed to be in a position to Let It All Go.

***I was going to link a short video of my great-niece singing the song from the movie, but I am unable to download said video from FB, and I haven't exactly gotten permission from her mother to do so... but that was going to be one of those "ask forgiveness" (or take it down) situations, anyway. ;)  Maybe said niece will link said great-niece here herself!


  1. Of course now that I've read this, I had to go watch that video a few dozen more times. ;-)

  2. Yes, you may use it.
    As for linking it, I am unable to do so from my tablet. Will send it to you tomorrow from Grandpa' s computer.

  3. Nevermind. I may have figured it out. You tell me...

    1. I think it won't let me EMBED the video here - it'll LINK - because of the privacy settings you have at YouTube. It's okay; I linked it so anyone who wants to see a little totes adorbsness can do so. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. How adorable is the video of your great-niece?! We've had Frozen on high rotation here at home this last week and I am still not sick of 'Let it Go' yet!


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