Friday, May 16, 2014

The Sunburn Saga

Last weekend, we set up at the flea market NOT facing the sunrise, and because it was overcast, I spent a couple hours in the morning wrapped up in a blanket.  Once the sun managed to burn through the cloud cover sufficient to raise the temperature (or possibly, once I'd been active enough), I shed the blanket... and got a raging sunburn for the several hours we had left to man our tables.

Having grown up in Miami, I had a very tan childhood.  I tan easily, and in Los Angeles, I'm active enough to "maintain" a tan without having to suffer a "first of the season" burn.  The last year-and-a-half in rural North Carolina, however, I haven't really had an opportunity to maintain my color.  Because of the overcast sky, I didn't think about the sun.  And frankly, because of my history, I've never really been a fan of sunscreen.  Thus, my "Yes, I am a moron" post from last Saturday.

It's been almost a week now.  We're heading back to the flea market on SUNDAY.  It's expected to be cooler weather, possibly overcast again, with a slight chance of rain.  I'm hoping that "chance" leaves the forecast before Sunday, because we really need it to be a blowout day so we don't have to plan to return ever.  We're ready to start pre-packing our storage container by filling an equivalent space in the spare room.  Can't do that yet if we've still got stuff to sell.

But the sunburn, you ask?  You saw how red it was.  I mentioned that sleeping hurt, because any turning I might do would stretch my already taut skin.  You want to know whether I'm a tan beauty yet?  I'll tell ya - it no longer hurts, but it's peelin'.  Beautiful tan thin layer peeling away to reveal more red. :P

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