Friday, May 30, 2014

A STOLEN post (well, actually it's already MINE, so I dunno what the legalities may be)

I wasn't intending to blog this early in the day - I usually like to have a "day" and then blog about what happened or what I felt.  I like to offer you a "daily recap" rather than the "weekly recap" that other, more seasoned bloggers offer.  I've still only been blogging since December of last year, and while I feel pretty comfortable on my "sea legs," I wouldn't say that I've made any blogging "patterns" for myself that you, as a reader, can rely on.  Besides, once I get home and working again, this may all go out the window (hope not, but we'll see what we see).
So ennyhoo, I was reading my "friend" Kelly's blog (and I only put "friend" in quotes because we live a hemisphere apart and have only ever communicated online, and while I feel like she would be my great friend if I knew her, and vice-versa, we have not ever met).  She's a much more seasoned blogger, and you know she loves what she does, so her post today is actually, I dunno, ironic? because she doesn't seem to recognize that in herself? but it totally speaks to me.  She asked a question, and my "comment" follows:
I am so grateful, DAILY, that I get to go back to work in the industry that fulfills me… even as I trudge through the DAILY effort of packing, selling, downsizing, calling landlords, booking a shipping container, buying more packing materials, throwing away more and more items that at one time had meaning for me, AND just making the bed and meals and cleaning!
  • Will the entertainment industry pay me well for 8-hour days, five days a week? NO. 
  • Will it pay me well for a couple of 12-hour days each week, interspersed with longer (3 to 6 week) gigs? YES. 
  • Will I end up working long hours in exchange for less money than I’m worth? ABSOLUTELY. 
  • Will I be overwhelmingly happy to do so? YOU BETCHA.

And when I’m not spending a day on set, I’ll be setting up my new household; lovin’ on the cats; blogging; preparing meals; reconnecting with old friends; enjoying the company of my also-happier husband.
I’ll be 48 on Tuesday, and I probably reached this level of “Zen” about ten years ago (coincidentally, when I started working in film and television). It IS possible to do what you love and make your living doing it, as long as your expectations of what qualifies as a “living” aren’t too high (monetarily). I have a LIFE doing what I love – and that is what makes a LIVING.


  1. Every place I live, I eventually find employment that "speaks" to me, but I mainly seek the social interaction it gives me. I have never cared about the financial side of things; however, my husbands have. It seems to me that men are typically driven by the dollar whereas women (at least the women I associate with) are happier just being with people. Introverted or extroverted, human interaction is closely associated with happiness, or at the very least, contentedness, I feel.

    1. The financial side of things is an important thing - if you can't afford to live the life you enjoy with the money you earn, you either have to enjoy a scaled-down version, or earn more money! It doesn't matter whether one or both partners "care" to oversee this - Mommy CARED a LOT about the overseeing, while Daddy went out and earned. If there is a partnership, at least one partner SHOULD care enough to make it happen. If there is no partnership, then the single person needs to at least be cognizant of how lifestyle and earnings co-exist.

      When Stephen is able to make his (financial) "living" as a writer, then his "enjoyment of life" factor will rise, because he'll be doing what he loves to live the life he chooses. Will he continue to work at his other employment? Who knows? Does it matter? Not a whit. He'll have already been living his improved life just by writing while also earning elsewhere. His source of income is not as important to him, at least in our current situation. My LACK of income here, and the potential for my income-and-satisfaction to increase are what's important to him, at least in the here and now.

      How did you manage to illicit such a long comment from ME? ;)

  2. I love this. I've spent 20 years coming back to the place I should have started at when I left Uni—writing. It doesn't pay as well as corporate HR but do I feel more fulfilled? HELL YES! Kx

    1. Hell, Yes, Kimberley. Even if doing what we love isn't what pays the bills, we HAVE to do what we love. So glad you get to!

      Thanks for visiting me, Melbourne Mum! :)


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