Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gone. (Well, maybe not quite)

At 4:15 today, I grabbed my phone, some keys, a one-pound box of German Gretel porcelain doll that was made in Taiwan, slipped on my flip flops, and walked to the Thomasville, NC (USA) post office to ship said Taiwan/German doll to Russia.  I also had some questions about voiding a pre-paid label, so when I got back in the door at 5:15, I felt pretty good about my 3mph.

Still have some things to sell but have no idea how much will actually move in the next ten days.  See, kids, I'll be closing the doors in ten days.  Nothing to ship past my birthday, provided anything that sells gets paid by then.  Move any dolls that don't sell back into the attic; help the stepmom set up for her yard sale on Saturday the 7th (along with any of our home furnishings we hope to move there); be DONE with all manner of sales before we have to start loading the shipping container.

Wow.  It really feels like all the time that we did have "in the world" is now gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone.


And I still need to make that coconut cheesecake!  ACK!

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