Thursday, May 22, 2014

Today's misadventures

Got two more "lots" of dolls listed today, auctions for 7 days because eBay's starting to charge listing fees for various and sundry whatevers... immediately had 3 "watchers" on one of the lots and a message that was vaguely incoherent, asking if I would "sale" the lot to her individually for Buy It Now.  She's going to have to make me a true offer of a sufficient amount for me to pay the extra listing fee.  We'll see.  I'm willing to leave it up for a week in an auction - whatever.

Also got added to a new "yard sale" group on Facebook, so I added our silly "Drop-In Non-Yard Sale" items there, and I now know how to update the posts on the other pages.  Please oh Please let me Please move some FURNITURE before the stepmom's actual yard sale!

Turkey burgers and veggie masala burgers and wine and chocolate later, we're watching "Iron Giant."  It's cute.  It'll do.

Tomorrow I get to tell the local employment office why I deserve to continue collecting unemployment benefits, and ask them how I'm supposed to find work as a Script Supervisor in a state that has no film categories of occupations in its online jobs database.  Hmm.  And/or, Yay.

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