Monday, May 5, 2014

Where we used to live is safer than where we currently live

I'm not saying this is the "wrong" coast anymore, but we just learned today of a weird thing that happened last week in OUR NEIGHBORHOOD.  Okay, not really OUR neighborhood, but within a mile-and-a-half from it.

Stephen's stepmom manages rental properties.  Her office is located DIRECTLY across the street from our local City Hall/Police Department.  The bank she uses is located DIRECTLY behind (and across the street) from her office.  That puts the bank ONE BLOCK away from the Police.

Last week, that bank was robbed.  And even though the teller put one of those explodey things in with the cash, and the doofus put the bag into his PANTS, and he hadn't bothered to cover his face, but he was brandishing a gun and wearing a hoodie, the Police from ONE BLOCK AWAY still haven't found him.

Stephen reads a local-news blog written by a friend of his, that VERY FREQUENTLY reports on crimes occurring in this region of the state.  I've even posted on police activity directly downstairs of our apartment.  And one of my former co-workers made it into the police blotter when she was accosted in the parking lot at work.

I shared some photos on Facebook when the big drug bust happened across the street from our place in California.  That was the ONE crime incident I was witness to in TEN YEARS of living there.  SO MANY incidents happen here!

Not that I'm a worrier, or even EVER fear for my own safety, but I am SO looking forward to getting home!

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