Monday, May 19, 2014

Casual fact-finding day, just what we needed!

Got up early again, for no reason.  Saw Geoff off on the next leg of his Odyssey.  Told him like three times that we'd be expecting a "safe arrival" call or text, and it's now 12 hours since he left here, and DARK out, with no word.  Bad Geoff. ;)

Decided we needed to make an easy grocery run, and while we were out, we also checked some of the other stores in the area for things like disposable cat litter boxes (for the trip, of course), and other potential "supplies" (for the trip, of course).  Made a stop in at the local Costco, which is what we had access to back home, and had a lovely time reminding ourselves of what we were missing, in both available products and all the yummy samples!  Left there having had a substantial lunch, and drove back to Podunk ready for a nap.

Got in and relisted a bunch of dolls and bears in the store.  Sent a message to a potential buyer who'd expressed an interest in a particular bear.  Laid down for a nap around 5:30 (two early rises + late shuteyes = NAPTIME!); Stephen joined me around 6:15; both times Cocoa also needed some belly-rubbin'.  Awoke from a very restful slumber at 7:15 or so, and checked emails, Facebooks, and the store.  The bear sold!

Packed it up and labeled it for a tomorrow ship, and then settled in for some DVR'd tv, wine, and chocolate.  Now we're just waiting for Geoff to let us know he made it to WV!

Really good day.  Thanks for asking.

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