Tuesday, May 6, 2014

EIGHT weeks from today, we'll be HOME.

Stephen had the day off.  I've been listing our "Drop-In NON-Yard Sale" on various Facebook Yard Sale pages.  We had a few bites on our couches today, throughout the day.  Stephen rearranged the van for our next Flea Market day (Saturday), and we loaded more furniture and bins and boxes into it, and the dang thing's almost completely FULL again!  We rearranged the living room somewhat and did some spot-cleaning to the carpet, so that if we had any REAL bites on the "D-I N-Y S" then at least it wouldn't look like we're the complete slobs we can sometimes be.

Had a few errands to run, and felt good about what we'd already accomplished.  While we were out, we added to the "moving errands" list, and almost rewarded ourselves with ice cream.  Would have rewarded ourselves with ice cream, but the specific parlor in mind no longer exists.  Store-bought wasn't going to scratch that particular itch, though, so we came home.

More questions about the "D-I N-Y S" and a final "not going to make it tonight" message.  No worries.  Got five items with closing auctions in the next little stretch of time, two of which have bids.  So my evening's still occupied with shipping.

Everything's good here.  I'm grateful for the sunshine.  I'm grateful for the physical strength and the mental prowess to get the things done what need doin'.  Wish that ice cream parlor was still around, though, 'cuz now I have a hankerin'!  Dang!

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