Saturday, May 17, 2014

FOUR weeks from today, we hit the road!

Progress is a beautiful thing.  Moving is a stressor.  We've carried heavy things (furniture and bins and boxes full of stuff) to the flea market on two consecutive Saturdays, and we expect to do that one more time tomorrow.  Cool, overcast weather is forecast, but we've also been told that Sundays are better selling days (folks browse on Saturday but BUY on Sunday).  We haven't had the physical fortitude to test the theory in one weekend, so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

  • If the theory holds true, then that will mean we've made our June rent tomorrow, and we won't have to return to the flea market, and anything "left" can be listed online or go with us to California or be sold at the stepmom's yard sale or put into storage in her attic.  (Having options is nice, huh?)
  • If the weather keeps folks away again, then I may have to return by myself next weekend, and do both days.  Stephen's working the whole weekend, and it's Memorial Day, so we'll probably cross that bridge when it appears.  I'm hoping for the first ^.
Whatever happens with the flea marketing, there's still Amazon and ebay for the remainder of May.  I've got a doll packaged to ship to Russia, and I'm waiting for the post office to clear my voided ship label so I can print a new one and get that out.  Send some "clear that label" vibes towards the post office, if you would.  That'd be great.  Then anything else that sells online should ship right away, and I'll close all my auctions by the 31st so I'm not shipping anything after my birthday.  I'm mentally ready to close those doors.

We've joined the online apartment-search community, and we've got at least one pair of eyes-and-ears "on the ground," as it were, to liaise with potential landpeople on our behalf.  I've ordered a new cover for my mattress, and it's going to be shipped to another friend to hold for us.  Thank you, unnamed-until-you-give-me-permission friends!

Then there's rearranging the apartment some more so that the spare room is a mock storage container.  At some point, there should be at least one "say goodbye" dinner with "local" friends.  At another point, there's adapting the car in whatever way we can to keep the cats comfy (or figuring out how to sneak them into hotel rooms for the second leg of travel).  Then, come June 10th, there's the loading of the storage container and the cleaning of the apartment.  Then there's the packing up of my car with all of our travel gear, saying one last goodbye to the neighbors, and hitting the road on the 14th!

... any "spare" positive thoughts, feelings, or vibes you can put "out there" in our direction WILL be felt and are greatly appreciated!

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